代办,代还,莱芜市里,价格合理,回收各种礼品! - 金点子信息港 Sticky agent, return, Laiwu city, reasonable price, recycle all kinds of gifts! Ding -Golden Ideas Information Port
1. Agent, return, cash withdrawal, Laiwu City, the price is reasonable 2. Deal with UnionPay card to P0S machine 0.38, 0.55 seconds to arrive, one machine 10,000 merchants, sincerely recruit agents, a large amount of profit Car loan, housing loan, credit loan, online loan 4 ....
金世纪学校2020年高考艺术生文化课协议班火爆招生中 - 金点子信息港 Zhiding Golden Century School's 2020 College Entrance Examination Art Class Agreement Class Popular Enrollment- Top News
Laiwu Golden Century School of Jinan City, the 2020 college entrance examination arts undergraduate course undergraduate package agreement has been enrolled! Since the school started in 2010 for ten consecutive years, art junior high school cultural course sprint classes have been established. The pass rate of class reached 100%, its ... ( Laiwu City )
莱芜鹏达专业搬家、保洁、空调移机、清洗油烟机、疏通下水道、出租大、中、小型货车 - 金点子信息港 Zhiding Laiwu Pengda professional moving, cleaning, air conditioning relocation machine, range hood cleaning, dredging the sewer, renting large, medium and small trucks- Top of the page
The Laiwu Pengda moving company is registered as an industrial and commercial company, and can be checked by industry and commerce. The 114-checkable formal moving company is based on the resident moving and the moving of enterprises and institutions. Different customer needs, the company has established a people-oriented ...
《金点子广告》报纸2019年12月30日【综合信息】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising" Newspaper December 30, 2019 [General Information] Top -Golden Ideas Information Port
Recycling gold, platinum, palladium at high prices (more suitable than going to the supermarket for a change, you can sell first and then buy more) shopping cards, card. Can call for long-term effective professional training of steel structures and high-pressure welders. It mainly teaches argon arc welding, electrode arc welding, argon electric welding, C ...
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【店铺转让信息】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Shop Transfer Information] Top -Golden Ideas Information Port
The Jidian transfer is next to the upper and lower floors of the Experimental Middle School, and the monopoly industry will use your old goods to replace the equivalent to recruit agents. The fresh milk bar has been operating for many years. It has a stable customer base and supplies milk for kindergartens. Because the children are unattended, the current low price is fast. The phone is free.
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【房屋出售出租信息】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [House Sale Rental Information] Top -Golden Ideas Information Port
The office was sub-leased opposite the building of the former Municipal Finance Bureau, with an excellent location, convenient parking, an area of 120 square meters, complete bathrooms and kitchens, two air conditioners, a set of mahjong tables and a new tea table. Telephone rental address is located 50 meters south of Mazhuang Police Station East, Wen ...
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(三)】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (3)] Top -Golden Ideas Information Port
Jiajiayue recruits several cashiers, microcomputers, and salespersons in the cabinet group. The salary is 2400-3000, and five insurances and one payment are paid, and the rest is 4 days. Place of work Laicheng District South Wenhua Road and Yuanyan Street. Call for noodle cooks by phone, 48 ...
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(二)】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (II)] Dingpin-Good Ideas Information Port
Recruitment is now recruiting skilled second welding welders, with a guaranteed base salary of 5,600 yuan, several female workers, blankers, plastic sprayers, and robot operators. The salary is negotiable. No. 10 Yuanshan North Road, High-tech Zone, Northeast corner of Gangfeng Industrial Park. Recruiting China Chenhui Sales Office, Laigang Yulong Bay ...
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(一)】 - 金点子信息港 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (1)] Top -Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruiting a conference service staff, asking women, good health, good sense, good image and temperament! Responsible for the work. Interested persons will bring their resumes for interviews. Another security guard at the entrance will be required to be under 35 years of age, over 170 in height and in good health.
九九婚介,幸福姻缘, - 九九婚介 19-12-11 Jiu Jiu matchmaking, happy marriage, -Jiu Jiu matchmaking
There are a lot of male and female members in our office, from 20-70, government agencies, business and individual state-owned enterprises. Welcome everyone to consult Teacher Bi ...
大专/ 31岁/ 特色足疗养生保健 - ydf617308 19-12-3 College / 31 years old / Special foot recuperation health care chart -ydf617308
Health Foot Rehabilitation 68 Start Address Juyuan Pavilion Foot Road, diagonally opposite the south gate of the brewery in Fengcheng East Street ... ( Laiwu District )
女士征婚寻有缘男士为伴 - 金点子信息港 19-11-25Ms . Marriage Seeks For Marriage As Companion -Business News
Female, 58 years old, retired and divorced, healthy, no burdens, living in urban areas, good economic conditions, looking for each other with similar age, good health, men living in urban areas as companions, if you are not sincere! Phone ... ( Laiwu City )
大专/ 56岁/ 真诚结婚,骗子勿扰 - mzs261726 19-9-29 Diploma / 56 years old / Marry in good faith, don't bother with liars -mzs261726
I am in good health and divorced. I have a daughter who is married and married, and has a monthly pension of more than 7,000 yuan. After retiring, I work for an annual salary of 120,000+. Urban area )
高中/ 28岁/ 征婚找个23至30的女士终生为伴 - lwxiaozhan 19-9-29 High School / 28 years old / Marriage, find a 23 to 30 woman for life -lwxiaozhan
My surname is Zhang, a good-looking gentleman, Bai Jing, humorous, reasonable, and reasonable. Individual 170 140 Mr. Zhang ... ( Laiwu City )
告别单身走进情缘 - 月光女孩 19-9-29 Farewell to Singles and Love -Moonlight Girls
Bid farewell to singles and enter into love. Love is a dating agency that is registered and approved by the Laiwu Civil Affairs Bureau. It has the characteristics of strong confidentiality, wide choice, and high success rate. We are sincerely seeking marriage options for single men and women (including divorce and widowed) who are interested in courtship. Promise of Love Dating Agency !! No deception ...
莱芜随缘桥婚介服务 - hru7446 19-9-29 Laiwu Suiyuanqiao matchmaking service map -hru7446
Ten years of honest matchmaking, free registration, find your ideal partner as soon as possible, WeChat and mobile phone number ... ( Gangcheng District )
找朋友们,认识我的的好朋友 - ecf3137 19-9-29 Find friends, know my good friends -ecf3137
Meet my friends, please contact me Zhang Rongjun, my friends from Laigang Zhang Hai, Han Peng and other Laiwu Wang Xiaoyan Zhang Zhifei I forgot to call everyone and miss you ... ( Laiwu City )
43岁/ 本人男,43岁,丧偶,个体,有经济实力 - 30416lsq17 19-9-29 43 years old / I am male, 43 years old, widowed, individual, financially capable-30416lsq17
I am male, 43 years old, widowed, individual, with economic strength, kindness, handsome, responsible, two sets of urban buildings, have a car, good character, and family. The woman, 32-46 years old, is required to live with sincerity. ...
大专/ 29岁/ 89男士征婚交友 - tqj8194 19-9-29 College / 29 Years / 89 Men's Marriage Dating -tqj8194
Men in 89, working in government agencies, unmarried, have bought a car room, looking for women aged 23 to 33 as friends, if you are not sincere, please contact QQ12896 44509 ... ( Laiwu City )
中专/ 33岁/ 征婚单身男士看过来 - 123木头人哇 19-9-29 Technical secondary school / 33 years old / Married single men look at it -123
Sincere marriage, I am divorced within the age of 33-38 years old and I want a boy to find a suitable man to form a family and live a good life! If you work stably and really, have a good temperament, please contact me, I am waiting for you The second half of life. No 1.68 75kg ...
脱单找对象,成家享幸福,请来【爱相约婚介中心】 - 金点子信息港 19-9-29 Take off the list to find the object, and get married and enjoy the happiness, please come to the [Love Matchmaking Matchmaking Center] map -Golden Ideas Information Port
Our members cover all agencies, institutions and enterprises in Laiwu, and their age ranges from 20 to 70. Can meet the individual needs of single elites of different ages. Laiwu Love Meets Private Custom Matchmaking Center, with an area of 200 square meters, two floors above and below, is the largest and most formal, high-quality ...
中专/ 32岁/ 32岁女征婚交友 - hdg600862 19-9-29 Technical secondary school / 32-year-old / 32-year-old female seeking marriage and dating -hdg600862
I am divorced and have a child. If I want to find an honest and heavy person to live on, please add me to talk sincerely. If you are not sincere, don't waste everyone's time. I am 33-37 years old. I hope to cherish each other for the rest of my life and have a small heart. Do n’t add me if you care about things. My occupation, retail 1.
男士征婚,45岁,1.70米 - 金点子信息港 19-9-29 men's marriage, 45 years old, 1.70 meters
A male, 45 years old, 1.70 meters, a woman under his knees, looking for a rural lady between 40 and 48 years old who works diligently and frugally. Phone 151-6348-0339 ...
男士真诚征婚 商家 - 大山 19-9-29 Men's Sincere Marriage Business -Dashan
Sincerely recruit a male, 42, leaving, good-looking and handsome, able to take care of his family, operate a woodcarving jewelry jewelry furniture city, master craftsmanship, high quality and excellent price, real materials, can be customized, both in car shop and factory, business is good. Seeking good-looking women as wives. WeChat 132 76345248 ...
爱相约婚介中心莱芜最正规最透明的婚介 - 一剑霜寒 19-9-29 The most formal and transparent matchmaking map in Laiwu
Our members cover all agencies, institutions and enterprises in Laiwu, and their age ranges from 20 to 70. Can meet the individual needs of single elites of different ages. Laiwu Love Meets Private Matchmaking Center is the largest and most formal matchmaking center in Laiwu. Our Center Zheng ... ( Laiwu City )
婚姻介绍,携手爱一! 19-9-23 Marriage Introduction, Love One Together! Recruiting Full-time Full-time Employees
Marriage Introduction, Love One Together! Recruit full-time employees. contact number...
随缘桥婚介所最新推荐女会员信息 - uvvp 19-9-19 Suiyuanqiao Dating Agency Latest Recommended Female Member Infographic-uvvp
Suiyuanqiao Marriage Agency is a non-enterprise unit established by the director of the Laicheng District Civil Affairs Bureau. Since its establishment on April 28, 2004, thousands of men and women have been married here. Top Ten Non-Enterprise Units in Laiwu City. Cast the brand with sincerity! ...
找对象,请来今世缘婚介! - 金点子信息港 19-8-24 Find someone, come to Jinshiyuan matchmaking! Picture -Golden Ideas Information Port
Find someone, please come to Jinshiyuan matchmaking! Jinshiyuan is a national chain franchise matchmaking culture communication company. The Civil Affairs Bureau's first "dating agency for matchmaking service" is also the earliest, largest, best reputation and best service matchmaking service agency in our city. The company has 8 full-time employees, all ...
初中/ 36岁/ 本人征婚男 - afk542498 19-7-12 junior high school / 36 years old / I am seeking marriage -afk542498
I am 83 years old and a divorced boy. With the woman, I want to find a person who is over 40 years old and under 45.
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