新艺代少儿书画院多元宝宝蒙台梭利幼儿园联合招聘 Zhiding Xinyidai Children's Painting and Calligraphy Institute multi-baby Montessori kindergarten joint recruitment chart top
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The multi-baby Montessori kindergarten of the Xinyidai Children's Painting and Calligraphy Institute jointly recruits art teachers, infant teachers, and childcare workers. Phone ( Laiwu City )
代办,代还,莱芜市里,价格合理,回收各种礼品! Sticky agent, return, Laiwu city, reasonable price, recycle all kinds of gifts!
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1. Agent, return, cash withdrawal, Laiwu City, the price is reasonable 2. Deal with UnionPay card to P0S machine 0.38, 0.55 seconds to arrive, one machine 10,000 merchants, sincerely recruit agents, a large amount of profitable 3. Car loan, housing loan, credit loan, online loan 4.
渤海渔村上品招聘主管、服务员、传菜生、收银、保洁、保安、炒锅、砧板、打荷、凉菜、面点、洗碗、焖鱼、炸锅、蒸车、川菜厨师、燕鲍翅参厨师、帮厨大姐、食堂厨师、摘菜、杀鱼 Zhiding Bohai Fishing Village Shangpin Recruiting Supervisor, Waiter, Passing Vegetables, Cashiering, Cleaning, Security, Wok, Chopping Board, Dahe, Cold Dish, Pasta, Dishwashing, Sturgeon, Frying Pan, Steamer, Sichuan Chef, Yan Abalone Ginseng chef, help chef, canteen chef, picking vegetables, killing fish
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Bohai Yucun Shangpin is a high-end catering club owned by Laiwu ’s well-known restaurant brand “Bohai Yucun”. It has 10 ultra-luxury private rooms, mainly engaged in high-grade yan abalone and seafood, and is now opening to the community. Manager Liu 158-663
金世纪学校2020年高考艺术生文化课协议班火爆招生中 Zhiding Golden Century School 2020 college entrance examination art student cultural class agreement class hot enrollment
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Laiwu Golden Century School of Jinan City, the 2020 college entrance examination arts undergraduate course undergraduate package agreement has been enrolled! Since the school started in 2010 for ten consecutive years, art junior high school cultural courses sprint classes have been established, each student has achieved brilliant results, culture The pass rate of the class reached 100%, and its ( Laiwu urban area )
莱芜鹏达专业搬家、保洁、空调移机、清洗油烟机、疏通下水道、出租大、中、小型货车 Zhiding Laiwu Pengda professional moving, cleaning, air-conditioning transfer machine, cleaning hoods, dredging sewers, renting large, medium and small trucks
Golden Ideas Information Port
The Laiwu Pengda moving company is registered as an industrial and commercial company, and can be checked by industry and commerce. The 114-checkable formal moving company is based on resident moving and enterprise and company moving.It has established a company moving, long and short-distance transportation, installation, and transportation system. Different needs of various customers, the company established a people-oriented
豪德城焊工培训 Zhiding Howard City Welder Training Top
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Professional training for steel structures and high pressure welders. It mainly teaches various welding methods such as argon arc welding, electrode arc welding, argon-electric welding, CO2 gas shielded welding and downward welding. Teachers have first-class technology, rich practical experience, package teaching sessions, assist in applying for various welder certificates, and recommend jobs. In addition, a certain ( Laiwu urban area )
包吃包住-山东晨熙诚聘生产文员、仓储经理、公共关系专员、兼职普工/兼职寒假工、海德堡小森机长、淋膜机长、糊袋机长、品质检验,缴纳六险按时发放工资 Sticky baggage-Shandong Chenxi sincerely hires production clerks, warehouse managers, public relations specialists, part-time general workers / part-time winter vacation workers, Captain Komori of Heidelberg, captain of film coating, captain of paste bags, quality inspection, pays six insurance Pay on time chart top
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Shandong Century Kaiyuan E-commerce Group Co., Ltd. is a combination of Internet + printing, online and offline. Currently headquartered in Jinan, Shandong, with 13 branches, its main business is image printing, personalized customization and printing directions. Shandong Chenxi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated
山东日昇国际经济技术合作有限公司招聘 Top Recruitment Chart of Shandong Risheng International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Risheng International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. recruits salaries and salaries of more than RMB 12,000 per month. It works 8 hours a day, and overtime is counted as 1.25 times the normal salary. Pay medical insurance, life insurance, insurance selection and assistance loans. Enterprises provide lodgings ( Laiwu City )
车间操作工人工资4500以上 Zhiding workshop operating workers salary above 4500
Xingye Electric
Laiwu City Xingye Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. requires several male shop operators, with no qualifications, no age, and requires love and dedication, hard work and hard work. Wages Salaries above 4500. Last month's salary is paid on time on the 15th of each month. ( Laiwu City )
日昇国际常年招收7个月、8个月男、女超短期(中选后不用学习,不耽误时间, Zhiding Risheng International recruits 7-month, 8-month men and women ultra short-term (no need to study after the election, no delay, time to top)
Golden Ideas Information Port
7-month men's contract, 18 to 37 years old, the best choice for low fees and part-time employment. 8 month contract for tomato and melon for women, earning over 70,000 yuan. Low payment, high income, make money while traveling. Do n’t study and do n’t delay the Chinese New Year. 18 48 years old. 1 year male and female contract, 1
靓贩荟咖啡遇见美甲招聘 Zhiding Liangpinhui coffee meets nail recruitment top
Golden Ideas Information Port
Liang Jinghui-Coffee meets 2 manicurists. Manicurists are required to be between 18-35 years of age. They are hardworking, hardworking, self-motivated, and will not receive paid training. Work experience is preferred. Salary treatment Salary 3000-6000 yuan (not capped). Contact Phone ( Laiwu City )
哈贝蛋糕招聘营业员,2200-3000元;裱花师,2400-4500元 Zhiding Habei Cake Recruitment Salesperson, 2200-3000 yuan; Decorator, 2400-4500 yuan
Habei Cake is hiring due to business expansion. 1. Number of salespersons, male or female, 18-35 years old, two shifts, salary 2200-3000 yuan (basic salary + commission) 2. 2 decorators including apprentices Limited, 20-45 years old, prior experience will be accepted, salary 2
山东盛岳工程机械有限公司诚聘销售员,售后服务人员 Zhiding Shandong Shengyue Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is looking for sales staff and after-sales service staff .
Golden Ideas Information Port
Shandong Shengyue Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the sole distributor of Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. "shangong" brand loader in Laiwu. Now recruiting sales staff, after-sales service staff. After passing the probation period, pay five insurances. The salary is a basic salary plus a commission, the basic salary is negotiable, and there is a four-day public holiday.
耿公清附近石料场招聘操作工8名 Zhiding Geng Gongqing Recruiting Operators at the Stone Yard 8
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The quarry has recruited 8 operators, male, under 45 years old, working place, near Geng Gongqing. phone
大桥路木门城招聘 Zhiding Daqiao Road Mumen City Recruitment Top
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Damen Road Mumen City recruits 1 store manager, 3 store clerks, and 4 sales staff. Those with work experience will be hired first. Salaries are negotiable. phone
济南市莱芜凤城铝合金有限公司招普通车床工、数控车床工、质检员,交五险,工资发放及时,待遇高 Top Jinan Laiwu Fengcheng Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. recruits ordinary lathe workers, CNC lathe workers, quality inspectors, pays five insurances, pays wages in a timely manner, and pays high
Golden Ideas Information Port
Jinan Laiwu Fengcheng Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. recruits ordinary lathe workers, CNC lathe workers, and quality inspectors (work experience is preferred). There are several workers in the workshop. They are under 50 years of age. , High treatment. Another guard is under 60 years of age.
招聘办公室文员一名 Zhiding Recruitment Office Clerk
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A clerk in the recruitment office pays five insurances and one fund for a basic salary of 2000, and requires females, under 30 years of age to have simple computer operations. Priority is given to good image quality. The work place is Golden Triumph City. In addition to recruiting winter vacation workers, simple computer operations will be enough. The payday end guarantee is 150 / day, age ( Laiwu urban area )
莱芜振飞物流有限公司,中国重汽汽车莱芜直营销售,招聘业务员,司机,购车加 Zhiding Laiwu Zhenfei Logistics Co., Ltd., China National Heavy Duty Truck Laiwu directly sells, recruits salespersons, drivers, car purchases
12000-45000 yuan
Laiwu Zhenfei Logistics Co., Ltd. recruits a salesperson (10) with basic salary + commission. Second, long-term recruitment, driver, join the car purchase driver. The company guarantees the source of goods back and forth, and guarantees the minimum profit for the owner. The source is the last word. The profit is as follows. The minimum net income of 4.2 meters high per month is 12 ( Laiwu urban area )
招工4000-6000元,地点:开发区 Zhiding recruits 4000-6000 yuan, location: Development Zone
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Recruiting 4000-6000 yuan. Location Development Zone Phone
山东银塑管业招聘启事 Zhiding Shandong Yinsu Pipe Industry Recruitment Notice
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Shandong Yinsu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a water-saving irrigation manufacturing company specializing in the production and research and development of PVC, PE pipe fittings and dripper equipment. Due to development needs, we currently recruit several technicians and workshop production staff. The recruitment requirements and treatment are as follows: 1. Age 2 ( Laiwu City )
汉庭酒店(信誉楼店凤城西大街店)现招聘 Zhiting Hanting Hotel (Credit Building Fengcheng West Street) is now recruiting
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Hanting Hotel (Credit Building Fengcheng West Street Branch) is currently hiring front desk guest numbers, salaries, 3000-4000. Holidays, three-year salary with year-end award experience, priority employment, contact manager Hu ( Laiwu City )
格林豪泰酒店颐高店诚聘 Zhiding Green Tree Inn Yigao
Golden Ideas Information Port
Green Tree Inn Yi Gao Branch invites several front desk staff, male or female, 18-35 years old, high school education or above, those with work experience will be hired first, and another one will be employed for accounting and cashier. Address: 189 North Wenhua Road, Tel ( Laiwu City )
建安公司高薪聘普通61100D50车床工 Zhiding Jian'an company pays ordinary 61100D50 lathe for high salary
6000-11000 yuan
Company name Jian'an Company Recruiting positions Excellent Ordinary 61100D 50 Lathe workers Recruiting number 3-5 people Recruiting age under 50 years of age Requirements Unlimited job description Requirements Hard working, flexible mind, obedient management, dedication and dedication, work carefully and carefully ( Laiwu City )
韵达快递聘 Zhiding Yunda Express Hiring
Golden Ideas Information Port
Long-term recruitment of customer service staff, financial staff, wages above 2500, pay five insurance. Recruiting a number of courier and operator, requires male, under 40 years of age with a salary of more than 4000. Recruit four drivers with B licenses and run Jinan at night. Contact Manager Li Manager Wang ( Laiwu City )
幼儿园招聘老师五名,工资面议 Zhiding kindergarten recruits five teachers, salary is negotiable
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The kindergarten recruits several teachers with high salaries. The experienced ones will be hired first. phone
《金点子广告》报纸2019年12月30日【综合信息】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising" newspaper December 30, 2019 [General Information]
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recycling gold, platinum, palladium at high prices (more suitable than going to the supermarket for a change, you can sell first and then buy more) shopping cards, card. Can call for long-term effective professional training of steel structures and high-pressure welders. Mainly taught argon arc welding, electrode arc welding, argon-electric welding, C
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【店铺转让信息】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Shop transfer information] Top
Golden Ideas Information Port
The Jidian transfer is next to the upper and lower floors of the Experimental Middle School, and the monopoly industry will use your old goods to replace the equivalent to recruit agents. Fresh milk bar has been operating for many years. It has a stable customer base and supplies milk for kindergartens. Because children are left unattended, the current low price is sharply changed. Telephone, please be honest
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【房屋出售出租信息】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [House For Sale Rental Information] Top
Golden Ideas Information Port
The office was sub-leased opposite the building of the former Municipal Finance Bureau, with an excellent location, convenient parking, an area of 120 square meters, complete bathrooms and kitchens, two air conditioners, a set of mahjong tables and a new tea table. Telephone rental address is located 50 meters south of Mazhuang Police Station East, Wen
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(三)】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (3)] Sticky
Golden Ideas Information Port
Jiajiayue recruits several cashiers, microcomputers, and salespersons in the cabinet group. The salary is 2400-3000, and five insurances and one payment are paid, and the rest is 4 days. Place of work Laicheng District South Wenhua Road and Yuanyan Street. Call for noodle cooks by phone, 48 required
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(二)】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (2)] Sticky
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruitment is now recruiting skilled second welding welders, with a guaranteed base salary of 5,600 yuan, several female workers, blankers, plastic sprayers, and robot operators. The salary is negotiable. No. 10 Yuanshan North Road, High-tech Zone, Northeast corner of Gangfeng Industrial Park. Recruiting China Chenhui Sales Office, Laigang Yulong Bay
《金点子广告报纸》2019年12月30日【招聘信息(一)】 Sticky "Golden Ideas Advertising Newspaper" December 30, 2019 [Recruitment Information (1)]
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruiting a conference service staff, asking women, good health, good sense, good image and temperament! Responsible for the work. Interested parties will bring their resumes for interviews. Another security guard at the entrance will be required to be under 35 years old and over 170 in height.
2500-3000加奖金招聘淘宝美工设计 Stick top 2500-3000 plus bonus recruitment Taobao art design top
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruiting Taobao art design club ps drawing staff, age 20-35 years old, working time 8:30 am-5: 00 pm, 4 days off every month, salary 2500-3000 plus bonus, free to play. Ren Yonghui ( Laiwu City )
裕丰花园满草堂招手法老师 Zhiding Yufeng Garden Mancao beckoning teacher figure top
3500 yuan
Company name Mancaotang Health Service Center Recruitment position Manager, Pediatric Massager, Technique Teacher Recruitment Number of people 4 persons Educational requirements Unlimited job descriptions Teach pediatric and adult massage techniques for free, with or without experience, 18-45 years old, lively Cheerful learning ability ( Laiwu urban area )
大学生创业金融服务中心 Zhiding University Student Venture Financial Service Center
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruitment post office clerk, personnel assistant age 22 45 Job content Responsible for office document organization, recruitment, and employee training salary passed the interview, passed the assessment, the basic salary of 2,000 yuan, Ms. Chen, the contact phone number of WeChat ( Laiwu City )
招聘手工制作培训教师,文员,带薪培训 Just recruited handmade training teachers, clerks, paid training
2600-6000 yuan
Company name Shandong Zhifei Model Technology Co., Ltd. Recruitment positions Handmade training teachers, clerks Number of applicants 6 Educational requirements High school or above Job description Handmade training teachers, clerks, paid training units Address Laiwu Floor Street Phone ( Laiwu City )
3000----8000招聘 4 minutes ago 3000 ---- 8000 recruitment
Golden Ideas Information Port
3000 ---- 8000 Recruit KTV on the 5th floor of Laiwu Ginza Jiayue Hotel, and now recruit 10 men and waitresses with monthly salary of 3,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan, 5 women sales promoters, and monthly salary of 5,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan. ( Laiwu City )
济南锦羽馨成股份有限公司招聘 6 minutes ago Recruitment map of Jinan Jinyu Xincheng Co., Ltd.
Golden Ideas Information Port
There are ten nutritionists recruited in the October Xin Division, two bar counters in the Yuemanxin Division, and ten post-partum rehabilitation and beauty therapists. Those who can't pay training! Phone ( Laiwu City )
晟达房产招聘房产经纪人20名,月薪3000-20000元 中介 7 minutes ago Shengda Real Estate recruited 20 real estate agents with a monthly salary of 3000-20000 yuan
Shengda Real Estate 1
Shengda Real Estate Agent 20 does not post listing information online and leads customers to look at the house. Donghua Garden Community, No. 13 Fengsheng Street. Shengda Real Estate's main business includes second-hand housing trading, real estate evaluation, second-hand housing mortgage loans, new home mortgage loans, mortgages. Loans, consumer loans, ( Laiwu urban area )
招聘传渠业务、特渠业务、厢货司机数名待遇优厚 8 minutes ago, the channel service, special channel business, and van drivers were well paid.
3000-10000 yuan
Jinan Yunnong Economic & Trade Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Shandong Yunnong Group, and Shandong Yunnong Business Service Group Co., Ltd. initiated the establishment. It is now mainly engaged in Yili drinks, Weilong, Huatang, Hainan Coconut Island and other independent products under Yunnong. Due to the expansion of the business scale, we are now hiring 1.
顺丰快递招聘收派员,缴纳五险 13 minutes ago, SF Express recruited dispatchers and paid five insurances
Golden Ideas Information Port
SF Express recruitment requires high school or technical secondary school education, aged 45 or below, hard-working and hard-working. Post dispatcher, the company provides electric tricycles, own van is preferred, pay five insurance, call Hou Chen.
九羊火车站招聘卸车工, 16 minutes ago Jiuyang Railway Station recruited unloaders,
Company name Jiuyang Railway Station recruiting positions for loaders and unloaders. The number of the first four and eight drivers and masters is unlimited. Educational requirements are not limited. Job descriptions are outsourced. The working hours are free. The main purpose is to clean up the remaining goods on the excavator in the train. About ton) Requirement 45 ( Township )
招聘银行存款、贷款、信用专员 17 minutes ago to hire a bank deposit, loan, credit commissioner
Golden Ideas Information Port
Bank deposit, loan, credit commissioner, age 25-40 years old, conditions may be appropriate to relax the age, working hours every Monday to Friday 8 am to 10:30 am, weekends, company pays insurance, the income is on its own Capped, annual salary of 100,000 is not a dream! Mobile phone number ( Laiwu City )
高薪招聘, 21 minutes ago
2000 yuan
Mobile Business Hall Telephone Returner 3 Manager Wang and above
2600招聘成本会计出纳各一名口镇工业园 22 minutes ago 2600 Recruitment Cost Accounting Cashier One Kouzhen Industrial Park
Company name Shandong Shuangya Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Recruitment position Cost accounting cashier Recruitment number One person each required a college degree or above Job description Cost accounting duties Review the company's various expenses, perform cost accounting, expense management, cost analysis Urban area )
诚聘办公文员 23 minutes ago
Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. sales clerk 1 is responsible for the collation of sales staff files, Zhangyuan Village Industrial Park, Laiwukou Town
仓管人员招聘 23 minutes ago
3000 yuan
Company name Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Recruitment positions Warehouse clerk Recruitment number 2 Educational requirements junior college or above Job description Storage of raw materials and semi-finished products, there is an insurance unit address Zhangkou Industrial Park near the contact person Zhang
招聘销售员 23 minutes ago
Company name Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Recruitment position Salesperson Recruitment number 5 Educational requirements No job description Will drive, can adapt to business trip base salary 2200 + five insurance unit address Zhangkou Township Industrial Park near the contact Zhang ( township )
招聘数控车床工 23 minutes ago Hiring CNC Lathe Workers
Company name Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Recruitment position Lathe worker Recruitment number 5 Educational requirements No job description Simple work, salary 4000+ plus five insurance units Address Laiwu Laicheng District Kouzhen Industrial Park Company profile Company size 60 people ( townships )
招聘数控车床编程人员 23 minutes ago to hire a CNC lathe programmer
Company name Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Recruiting position CNC lathe programming Recruitment number 2 Educational requirements Job description Responsible for programming and debugging of CNC lathes, simple operation of the machining center, salary 4500_6000 plus five insurance unit address Laiwu Lai ( township )
诚聘机械质检 23 minutes ago for professional quality inspection
3000 yuan
Laiwu Shangye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 2 quality inspections ( townships )
急找烧烤师1名,勤杂工2名,管吃管住,可干半天,也可全天 26 minutes ago, I was looking for a barbecue chef and 2 handymen. I can eat and hold it for half a day or all day.
Golden Ideas Information Port
Recruiting urgently looking for a barbecue chef, 2 handyman, regardless of gender, can be eaten and managed, can work for half a day, or full day, requires good health, cleanliness, salary negotiable. Address near Maternal and Child Health Hospital, phone
美尔固莱芜地区总代理招聘业务经理、业务员、送货司机 中介 26 minutes ago Melgolaiwu area general agent recruitment business manager, salesman, delivery driver intermediary
3000-8000 yuan
Due to the needs of the company's business development, the general agent in Melgu Laiwu area recruits a business manager, a number of salesmen, and a number of delivery drivers. The salary of each position is higher than that of the same industry, and the salary is 3000-8000 yuan. Social insurance will be paid half a year later. Do not disturb in the short term. phone
莱钢急聘店员、店长助手 27 minutes ago Laigang urgently hired a clerk and manager assistant
Integrity Recruitment 123
National chain stores, Laigang Branch, due to work needs 4 clerks, 2 store managers, simple work, long shifts, comfortable working environment. Store experience is preferred, no experience can be paid training, the salary is the highest in the industry! High! Payment on time, never default. Working place escort Quanshang ( Gangcheng District )
宝宝康旗舰店招聘精英了! 29 minutes ago the baby Kang flagship store recruited the elite!
Golden Ideas Information Port
Baby Kang Mother and Baby Life Plaza is reloaded and upgraded to create the strongest voice in Laiwu's pregnancy and baby industry! Special recruiting elites join our 2 supervisors, a number of shopping guides (male and female), a few spa therapists, females, under 40 years of age, and supervisors with management experience, can be appropriately relaxed, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
招聘全职会计一名 Hired a full time accountant 35 minutes ago
Golden Ideas Information Port
The company is now recruiting a full time accountant. Requirements, honesty and reliability, proficient in business. Negotiable salary. Office, Fangxia Government West (Qiao Jiayi Village), Telephone ( Laiwu City )
莱芜区公安分局招聘协警数名 46 minutes ago Laiwu District Public Security Branch Recruitment Coordinator
Taidong Labor Service
Company Name Shandong Taidong Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. Recruitment positions Co-Police Number of recruits 8 Educational requirements Technical secondary school or above Job description Recruitment of male citizens with permanent residence in Laiwu, good health, no tattoos, no criminal records, age 18 28 weeks
招聘女工数名 中介 48 minutes ago recruited several female agents
3200-4500 yuan
Shandong Fushuo Optoelectronics Communication Co., Ltd., located in Laiwu District, currently recruits several female workers, computer control, easy and clean work, warm in winter and cool in summer, basic salary + piece rate + bonus, monthly salary of 3200-4500 yuan or more. Married women, under 30 years old, high school
面议/互联网编程设计实习生 48 minutes before the meeting / Internet programming design intern map
Code Education
Shandong Yoma Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Internet programming, design intern with more than 10 high school and technical secondary school education without basic personnel to participate in the company's internship training program, can arrange employment in Laiwu High-tech Zone High-tech Center Room 1531 public
莱芜孟家生鲜超市招聘 52 minutes ago Laiwu Mengjia fresh supermarket recruitment
Golden Ideas Information Port
Laiwu Mengjia Fresh Food Supermarket! Recruiting several female employees with work experience is preferred, and the salary is ten percent and ten full attendance! Phone ( Laiwu City )
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